The London Borough of Hillingdon has 45 GP surgeries. The workforce options within General Practice these days reach over and above the GP, Nurse, Receptionist and Secretary. The Primary Care Workforce Team delivers training, education, recruitment and development programmes to Hillingdon GP practices and their teams with a number of options for a career in General Practice:

  • Student Placement pre-registration nurses
  • Student Placement post-registration nurses
  • Student Placement Physicians Associates
  • Student Placement Independent Pharmacist Prescribers
  • GPN Transition Course working with Bucks University
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Administration Development Programme

The premise of any of the above programmes is to offer students an understanding of GP practice during their studies with a view to recruitment into Hillingdon general practice and enhances career pathways. Then to keep staff upskilled and engaged during their careers with an array of forums and Masterclasses and training courses. The development work is designed to support individual GP practices and staff and to encourage sharing and learning within consistent frameworks of competencies and practice.

Examples of Practice Staff Training and Education offered:

  • Masterclasses
  • Nurse and HCA Forum
  • Pharmacist Forum
  • Practice Manager Forum
  • Administrator and Receptionist Conference
  • Business in Practice Masterclass
  • Taking Care of YOU! Wellbeing Programme
  • HCA Clinical Training
  • Clinical Correspondence and Signposting Training
  • Post grad training courses
  • Diabetes training
  • Health Coaching

Examples of Practice Business Support offered:

  • Competency frameworks
  • Clinical Correspondence
  • Signposting
  • Practice Manager IT Training Peer Groups

Hillingdon has the benefit of two Universities within its locality – Brunel and Bucks (nursing) – and works closely with both on its student placement programmes mentioned above. You can read more about the student placement programmes in the separate section for “Student Placements”.

Internships: a Summer Internship programme exists for bio-medical students studying at Brunel University. It provides an opportunity for bio medical students to have a placement within a Hillingdon GP practice during the Summer recess. Students can choose a placement of between 4-12 weeks. The placement gives the student an insight into life within general practice from both an administrative and clinical perspective. In terms of clinical, they have the opportunity to shadow a clinician for a session whether it be a baby clinic or chronic disease management and in terms of administrative, the student works alongside a supervisor (normally the Practice Manager) and will learn various tasks that take place in a practice whether it be phoning patients to remind them of appointments, pack up the Lloyd George notes for re-directing to a patient’s new practice if they have moved, or in a lot of cases the student is given a project to research and write up. It really is dependent on the practice and student as they start the placement. Students gain valuable insight into the workings of general practice and thereby for them to seriously consider working within general practice as a career. Each placement can be different dependent on the practice and student. But, in the main, students can expect to learn about the protocols and policies and how the NHS IT system works.

GPN Transition Course for Nurses: Hillingdon works collaboratively with Bucks University in helping those who wish to train for a nursing career in primary care. Whether as a first time graduate nurse or a transition nurse.

Apprenticeships: are available to General Practice staff looking to upskill and further their career path. In the main, it is administrative staff who take up this option i.e. apprenticeship in Business Management.

Administration Development Programme: this programme is part of the wider CEPN Workforce programme. It is there to support consistent, efficient ways of working in General Practice. The local programme offers subject learning in Clinical Correspondence, Signposting and offers learning support with peer development groups and Masterclasses in Practice Workshops.

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